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Tyres Repair in Strathfield


Do your tyres need replacing? Do you have a puncture that need repair?  Is your steering pulling to the left or right? Maybe you need a wheel alignment and balance?

We often overlook the importance of our tyres yet they are what keeps the car safely on the road. They handle all the force of acceleration, braking and turning and help keep our ride smooth.

Our workshop has a range of well known brands to fit the make and model of your car.

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When To Replace Tyres

There are many factors dictating when to replace tyres. Things that lead to wear and tear such as driving style, poor alignment, bad roads or incorrect pressure, to name a few. The main guide for replacing tyres in the depth of tread. The age also needs to be considered when checking for roadworthiness.

By law, your tyre’s tread depth should be at least 1.6mm deep. Many tyres have a ‘tread wear indicator’ – this is a small bar that sits across the grooves and measures 1.6mm.  Once your tread is flush with these indicators, you need to replace your tyres.

If your tyres are more than 5 years old they need to be checked annual.  If they are more than 10 years old they should be replace immediately. As the rubber ages it deteriorates and cracks making them very unsafe.

It is best to replace all 4 tyres together as this prevents uneven wear and allows the car to ride smoothly. Your spare should only be used when you have a puncture.  Get the puncture repaired as soon as possible and put the spare back in its storage.

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How To Maximise The Life And Performance Of Your Tyres

Driving smoothly, without constant sudden acceleration and braking, will extend the life and performance of your tyres.  Generally they should last around 40,000km or 3-4 years depending on your driving style.

Check for uneven wear

Uneven wear can be caused by poor wheel alignment, wearing suspension or under/over inflation.  Check the whole surface  with your hands – particularly inside the front and the outer edges.

Check your air pressure

Checking your air pressure should be done every couple of months and goes a long way towards extending the life of your tyres. Over inflation causes the centre to become worn.  The tyre ‘bows’ out and this area is all that is on the road.  Under inflation creates a ‘concave’ shape in the tyres causing the edges, or shoulders, to wear.   Under inflation also causes drag on your car, decreasing your fuel economy.

All cars have a plate showing recommended air pressure for the front and rear.  A general guide is around 30psi.   It really only takes 5 minutes extra at the petrol station to check your tyre pressure.

Rotate tyres regularly

Rotate your tyres regularly to even out wear.  Front wheel drive car have all the torque through the front wheels, rear wheel drive through the rear wheels.  With regular rotation you minimise difference in the wear between the front and rear.

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Flat tyre repair strathfield

Tyres Strathfield

Did you know you can get a tyre repair for your puncture and be back on the road in around 30 minutes?  Flat tyres can happen anywhere and are usually caused by a sharp object puncturing the tubeless casing. These small punctures can usually be repaired by a rubber plug so long as the hole is on the main tread part. If the hole is more than 5mm in width or in the shoulder or side wall, the tyre needs to be replaced.

The puncture repair usually takes around 30 minutes. The tyre is deflated and removed from the rim, the hole found and repaired before reflating and balancing the wheel. The spare is then placed back in its storage area.

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