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how much does a pink slip cost in sydney

How Much Does A Pink Slip Cost?


A Pink Slip cost is around $42 to get in NSW. This cost covers the car mechanic’s time to do a vehicle inspection, brake check and send through the e-safety check report electronically to the RMS (Roads and Maritime Services).

You can usually drop into your car mechanic near me and they will be done on the spot. You will need to take your car registration papers with you. Generally, your car will need to be driven a short distance with a calibrator attached to the brake. This will give the car mechanic a reading and ensure your brakes are working effectively.

The auto mechanic will then have a general look over your car to make sure your lights, blinkers and windscreen wipers are working, along with checking tyres and engine belts and hoses. This does not constitute a car service. That is a separate, more extensive inspection.

Your registration details, brake calibration and e-safety check report will then be sent through to the RMS. You then need to pay your CTP green slip and that will also be forwarded electronically to the RMS. Once these two documents have been received you can then pay your car registration.

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When Are Pink Slips Required?

All cars in NSW over 5 years old, must get a pink slip before they can be registered. This is a government requirement. This is done to make sure that all cars are in safe running order. A new Pink Slip is required every year to make sure your car stays safe to drive.  Pink Slips and e-safety checks usually coincide with your car registration due date. It is a good idea to have your car serviced at the same time to make sure it is safe and keeps running efficiently.

Where To Get Pink Slips

Car Mechanic Strathfield is licensed to complete your Pink Slip and send through your e-safety check report electronically to RMS.

Drop in today and let our qualified mechanics keep your car on the road.

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