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Local Greenacre Auto Repairs

Talk to a local Greenacre mechanic who you can trust to repair your car at an affordable price.

From small annoying problems to major repairs, our team of highly trained car mechanics have the expertise needed to make sure your car is running as efficiently as it can. You can depend on us for honest, reliable advice whatever make or model your car is or whether it is old or new.

With over 12 years of experience, we can give you a fixed price quote, no hidden charges, no extras, no need to go to different mechanics for different services.

Our local Strathfield workshop has the latest computerised diagnostic tools, we carry top-quality replacement parts, and we have fully licensed and certified mechanics you can trust. We are also accessible and very easy to locate from Greenacre for your utmost convenience.

Car Service Greenacre

For quality car service near Greenacre, we offer you our team of highly qualified and expert mechanics with over 12 years of experience, plus the latest technology in diagnostic equipment.

We can service all makes and models of cars, old or new, and give you a 12-month guarantee on all parts and labour.

Our basic car service includes engine check, oil change, oil filter replacement, brake check, battery check, and car wash, while our major car service comes with the additional spark plug and windscreen wiper replacement, air conditioning check, brake fluid check, coolant flush, suspension check, and wheel alignment.

We give you a fixed price quotation with no hidden extras and honest, reliable advice.

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car battery replacements near greenacre

Car Battery Replacement

A car battery is the device which initially powers the starter motor and the ignition and fuel systems of your car. It should be replaced when your car does not start at once or when the electrical components of your car would not work.

At Car Mechanic Strathfield, we carry top quality battery brands that can provide your car with premium extra heavy duty power and the latest maintenance-free, industry technology.

Our car battery price includes installation, battery test and disposal of the old battery, and comes with a 40-month replacement warranty to provide you enough power for all the cutting edge gadgets our cars are equipped with today.

Our workshop is right next door to Greenacre – drop by or book an appointment to replace your battery with us today.

Greenacre Auto Electrician

Auto electricians are needed to install, maintain, and identify faulty auto electrical wiring in all of your car’s new computerised technology such as the ignition, radio, in-car entertainment systems, alarms, and circuit board.

Our local Greenacre auto electricians have the necessary expertise to carry out repairs that are beyond the limits or normal mechanical services including the headlights not working, the central locks jamming, or the electric window not going up or down, or any issues involving computer diagnostics.

We have the latest technology to cater to a wide range of auto electrical needs. All of our service and repairs come with a 12-month warranty and we only use high-quality, trusted brands for our replacements parts.

We provide professional solutions for your all your auto electrical problems.

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quick tyre repair near greenacre

Tyre Repair Greenacre

Tyres are what keep our car safely on the road. They handle all the forces of acceleration and deceleration of our driving.

Many factors can lead to the wear and tear of our tyres, things like our driving style, poor alignment, bad roads or incorrect tyre pressure.

At Strathfield Car Mechanic, we can check for uneven wear of your tyres, check for under or over-inflation, rotate your tyres, or replace them altogether. We carry a wide range of tyre brands to fit all makes and models of cars, trailers or vans.

We can even fix a flat tyre and get you back on the road in as little as around 30 minutes – all from the convenience of our workshop located right next door to Greenacre

Your Local Greenacre Mechanic

Right next door to Greenacre, our fully equipped local workshop is able to cater for all electrical, mechanical and component repairs your vehicle may need. Have a look at some of the additional services we offer below!

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