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Does Your Car Suspension Need Servicing?

Your car suspension may need servicing if your ride is bouncy or your car body sways when you corner. Do you feel every bump in the road?

Your suspension is very important and often overlooked. It is designed to keep all tyres planted firmly on the road whilst driving and provide steering stability.

At Car Mechanic Strathfield we use top quality Monroe shocks and have the equipment and expertise to maintain your car’s stability and steering responsiveness. All our car suspension repairs and shock absorbers come with a 12 month warranty for peace of mind.

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How Do Car Suspensions Work?

Most modern cars have independent front and rear suspension. Your car’s suspension connects the frame of the car to the wheels. Springs and struts absorb the bumps in the road and keep the body of the car stable during braking and cornering. This part is usually known as a shock absorber. This is a piston that is filled with oil and when compressed the oil flows into another chamber. The oil flow resistance can be altered creating a softer or firmer ride. Control arms (along with bushings and ball joints) allow the wheels to move up and down and the wheel bearing connects the wheel to the control arm.

Car manufacturers are constantly working to improve the safety and handling of our cars and the suspension systems are becoming more complex.  Many cars now use multiple suspension links.

Every car model has a different suspension system set up, however they basically include a chassis, coil springs, leaf springs, struts and shock absorbers and anti-sway bars. Different suspension systems include…

  • Independent
  • Non Independent
  • MacPherson Strut
  • Double Wishbone
  • Multi-link
  • Independent Rear

Car Mechanic Strathfield has highly trained mechanics to assist with all your suspension repairs and servicing.

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