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Need A Car Battery Replacement?

Drop into our workshop for a car battery replacement. This should be done at the first sign of your car not starting immediately.

If your engine gives a whirring sound, clicking or a short delay when you are starting the ignition, this could be a sign that the car battery is almost dead. It is advisable to drop into our Cosgrove Rd workshop and let us check the charge. Our licensed and fully qualified mechanics are able to carry out a load test to check the power level of your car battery under load.

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Should you need a car battery replacement, we know you will be satisfied with the quality brands we use. Battery brands such as Supercharge Gold Plus,  provide premium extra heavy duty power. These car batteries are fully sealed and are designed with the latest maintenance free, industry technology. They also come with a 40 month replacement warranty giving you years of maintenance free service.

By combining sophisticated internal construction and maintenance free technology, these car batteries have a longer life expectancy and are the best solution for all makes and models of car. The advanced calcium technology gives greater cranking power that can withstand the continued load from all the latest technological gadgetry equipped in our cars now.

Car Battery Price

Our car battery price includes installation, battery test, saving or re-instating vehicles memory and disposal of the old battery.

Car batteries used are dependant on the make and model of the car. All batteries are made to the highest quality industry standards and are maintenance free.  They feature higher rated CCA (Cold Cranking Amps) which provide longer life expectancy and come with a 40 month replacement warranty.

We know you will appreciate the many years of maintenance free power your car battery replacement will give you. Contact us today to book in your next battery replacement service.

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