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Car Air Conditioning Is Our Speciality

Car Mechanic Strathfield specialise in car air conditioning service and repair and regas.

Your car air conditioning needs to be checked regularly to ensure it is working efficiently.

It is estimated that your car air con loses around 10% of the refrigerant annually.  Most car manufacturers recommend having your air conditioning system serviced every couple of years.

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Signs To Look For If Your Auto Air Conditioning Needs A Service

We recommend getting your car air conditioning serviced every couple of years. However, the following signs are an indication that you need to bring your car in sooner rather than later for a service:

  • A smell in your car
  • Your car is stalling
  • The car is leaking
  • Air con is only working when the car is moving
  • There is no heating or cooling
  • Weak air flow out of vents or the fan isn’t working correctly
  • Water dripping inside your car
  • Noises when you turn it on
  • Does your windscreen demister work effectively on cold mornings

Our team of highly qualified car mechanics are able to assess your car air conditioning requirements and give honest, reliable advice along with a fixed price quote.

Why wait until you’re stuck in a traffic jam on a hot summer’s day to test if your air conditioning is working properly? You should also be able to warm your car effectively too.

Our trained mechanics at Car Mechanic Strathfield will help you keep your cool and get you back on the road in no time.

Ring today on 02 8074 5449 or click here to contact us and get your car air conditioning serviced before summer is here.

At Car Mechanic Strathfield… we’ll keep you cool.

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