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Blue Slips For Your Vehicle in Sydney

A blue slip is also known as a Authorised Unregistered Vehicle Inspection report. It is required for all vehicles in New South Wales that have more than 3 months expired registration. They are also required if you are selling a car without registration (number plates) or if you are re-registering a car from brought from interstate or overseas.

A blue slip is also required for…

  • Written off vehicles – if they have been approved for re-registration. This also identifies stolen cars that are using number plates from a wrecked vehicle
  • Adjusting vehicle registration records – this indicates a significant change, such as a new engine. This report ensures your vehicle complies with manufacturer standards
  • Clearing Police issue defect notices

A blue slip lasts for 28 days from date of issue and costs $66.00.

Car Mechanic Strathfield is licensed and fully qualified to supply blue slips for your vehicle. We are generally able to electronically forward your report to Roads and Maritime Services upon completion.

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Blue Slip Inspection

A blue slip is a full inspection of your car. We thoroughly check…

  • Brakes
  • Suspension
  • Exhaust
  • Lights
  • Seat belts
  • Engine leaks

If your car has roadworthy defects and fails the inspection, you will be issued with a Repairs Needed report and you then have 14 days to fix these defects.  Please return your car to us for further inspection, free of charge, if repairs are made within 14 days. For repairs made outside of 14 days you will need to apply and pay for another  inspection.

You can only drive an unregistered vehicle for the purpose of obtaining registration. You may drive directly via the shortest route to our workshop. If you are pulled over by the police you will need to provide a CTP insurance certificate showing receipt of payment.

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